Input protectionReverse battery and overvoltage protection are the key functions to prevent the wrong polarity connection of the battery and over voltage events from the battery and external sources. Protection stage protects the downstream circuitry from being damaged due to these effects.ProductsI
Industry News 2024-02-22
【Lansheng Technology News】On December 6, 2023, STMicroelectronics launched a wireless charging transmitter and receiver evaluation board based on STWLC38 and STWBC86 chips to simplify the development of 15W Qi wireless chargers.The STEVAL-WLC38RX board is equipped with the STWLC38 5W/15W r
Industry News 2023-12-07
【Lansheng Technology News】The encryption algorithm suite of ETAS and Infineon Technologies AG has successfully passed certification. The certificate was validated under the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) and was
Industry News 2023-12-06
【Lansheng Technology News】On December 4, 2023, STMicroelectronics demonstrated the company’s multi-purpose smart infrastructure digitalization and green and low-carbon technology research and development results at the recent Enlit European Power Energy Show, including smart grid chipsets
Industry News 2023-12-05
【Lansheng Technology News】Recently, DB HiTek, a major Korean foundry, hired a power semiconductor expert fromON Semiconductor.Recently, there has been constant news about Eastern Hi-tech's efforts to increase R&D and production of SiC and GaN. From announcing its entry into this field, purch
Industry News 2023-12-04
【Lansheng Technology News】NXPreleases a speech recognition engine for a new generation of smart speech technology portfolio. In this blog post, we’ll explore the challenges developers face in designing embedded voice controls, our new Speech to Intent engine, and how you can use it in your apps.To a
Industry News 2023-12-01
【Lansheng Technology News】On November 29, Samsung recently announced the first price increase for CIS (CMOS image sensor) components. It was reported in the industry that Samsung has issued a CIS price increase notice to customers. The average increase in the first quarter of next year wil
Industry News 2023-12-01
【Lansheng Technology News】Renesas Electronicsrecently announced the successful design, testing and launch of a 32-bit CPU core based on the open standard RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). As the first manufacturer in the industry to independently develop CPU cores for the 32-bit general-pur
Industry News 2023-12-01
【Lansheng Technology News】Texas InstrumentsIncorporated today announced a new family of low-power gallium nitride products that can help increase power density, significantly improve system efficiency, and reduce the size of AC/DC consumer power electronics and industrial systems. Texas Instruments&
Industry News 2023-12-01
【Lansheng Technology News】Samsungwill commercialize a new generation of OLED panels in 2025. Currently, the red sub-pixels and green sub-pixels in Samsung OLED panels use phosphorescent materials, and the blue sub-pixels use fluorescent materials.In the new generation of OLED panels,Samsunghas repla
Industry News 2023-11-30
【Lansheng Technology News】According to the latest financial reports of the world's major MCU original manufacturers, judging from the trend of industry inventory since this year, it is basically certain that 2023Q1 will reach the peak of industry inventory, Q2 will slowly pull back, and Q3 will
Industry News 2023-11-30
【Lansheng Technology News】November 30, 2023:Nexperiatoday announced the launch of its first silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET and released two 1200 V discrete devices in 3-pin TO-247 packages with RDS(on) of 40 mΩ and 80 mΩ respectively. NSF040120L3A0 and NSF080120L3A0 are the first products released in
Industry News 2023-11-30
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