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We are a spot stock distributor of many well-known brands. In addition to the price advantage of the first-hand spot channel, we also have some technical support. In addition, we can also provide a series of solutions such as long-term orders from original authorized distribution agents, three-day delivery supply solutions for scarce components, resale of excess materials, inventory optimization, BOM matching and small batch supply.


Supply Guarantee

Every component must undergo a series of strict control from quotation, ordering, procurement, storage, and inspection in warehouse to achieve zero returns and zero defects for all electronic components.

Every step should not be neglected, and we can sign quality assurance agreements for all products that are verified by us and sold to customers. Our company can promise that every chip is from the original factory.

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We share inventory data with a number of agents, more than 400,000 inventory data to meet customer’s needs.

Frequent Asked Questions

In addition to the price advantage of the first-hand spot channel, we also have some technical support.

Rohm announces production of 8-inch SiC substrates in Japan next year
Microchip launches industry’s most comprehensive 800G active cable solution for generative artificial intelligence networks
Infineon and Eatron collaborate to advance automotive battery management solutions
Renesas unveils next-generation automotive SoC and MCU processor product roadmap
STMicroelectronics releases STSPIN9 series of high-current motor driver chips, launching two highly scalable products in advance
Samsung independently develops ray tracing and AI supersampling technology and will apply it to Exynos chips after 2025
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