Electric power steering (EPS)

Application 2023-12-04

Electric power steering (EPS) offers a host of advantages to both cars and drivers. These range from up to 3% less fuel consumption and noticeable space savings to easier integration and software that enhances the driving experience. The foundation of any reliable and efficient EPS is a combination of optimized and powerful microcontrollers and power semiconductors. Together they enable your designs to achieve a new level of fuel savings and lower COemissions. What is more, as a safety critical application, an EPS design must be engineered with components that reliably work together.

Motor Position Angle Sensor:TLE5009A16D E2210、TLE5012BD E1200、TLE5501 E0002、TLE5309D E2211
3 Phrase Driver IC: TLE9180D-31QK
PMIC: TLF35584QVVS1、TLF35584QVVS1、TLF35584QVVS2、TLE6368G2、TLE7368-2E
Steering Torque Sensor: TLE4997E2TLE4998C8、TLE4999C8、TLE4999I3

CAN transceiver: TLE9250XSJTLE9251VSJTLE9252VSKTLE9350XSJ、TLE9351VSJ
Hand Wheel Angle Sensor: TLE5012B E9000、TLE5014C16D

Microcontroller: SAK-TC334LP-32F300F AA、SAK-TC336LP-32F300S AA、SAK-TC364DP-64F300F AA、SAK-TC366DP-64F300S AA
MOSFETs: IPLU300N04S4-R8、IAUC120N04S6L008、IAUC60N04S6L030H

Infineon is the right partner for any electric power steering projects. Our components are guaranteed to be original and authentic from Infineon and are tested to work seamlessly while also meeting the highest safety standards.Because our chipset is aligned in-house, you can count on it to deliver on safety while also reducing your development effort. Thanks to a small footprint, it also contributes to a lower BOM. Furthermore, our chipset accommodates OEMs looking to scale solutions between models, for greater cost efficiency. Last but not least, there’s the peace of mind you gain knowing all components are manufactured according to Infineon’s high automotive quality standards known as zero defect.

System benefits

  • Powerful and scalable chipset featuring a small footprint

  • Field-proven interoperability

  • Support of fail safe and fail operational EPS systems

  • Aligned safety concept that focuses on the power supply and microcontroller

  • Adaptable via software: suit a range of driving modes and car models

  • For advanced driver assistance systems

For all your development needs, Infineon provides the full range of ICs, from safety microcontrollers to power supplies to bridge drivers to world-class MOSFETs to sensors. Find out what is possible with our components and your EPS project.

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