STMicroelectronics launches high-precision medium-voltage operational amplifier

Industry News 2023-10-24

【Lansheng Technology News】On October 24, 2023, STMicroelectronics’ TSB182 dual operational amplifier brings high-accuracy signal conditioning functions to sensors. The main product highlights include a maximum input offset voltage of 20μV, 100nV/°C temperature drift and 4V -36V medium voltage operating voltage.

In addition to its high accuracy, stability, and wide supply voltage range, STMicroelectronicsTSB182 is specified for operation from -40°C to 125°C. The op amp has a maximum offset voltage of 30μV over the entire operating temperature range, ensuring consistent sensor performance in industrial and automotive environments. Packages include MiniSO-8 packages, which help designers save circuit board space and design smaller modules. This series also provides automotive-grade devices that meet AEC-Q100 standards.

The TSB182 combines fast dynamic response with low power consumption, with a typical operating current of only 650μA per amplifier. The gain-bandwidth product (GBW) is 3MHz and the slew rate is 2V/μs, ensuring output distortion is minimized over the entire frequency range. An input noise voltage of 24nV/√Hz meets the application's high resolution and sensitivity requirements. These devices also have enhanced immunity to electromagnetic interference to enhance device performance in electrically noisy environments. These op amps feature rail-to-rail outputs, helping designers take full advantage of signal dynamic range and simplify circuit design in applications such as sensor interfaces and battery-powered devices.

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