South Korea's major wafer foundry accelerates third-generation semiconductor layout

Industry News 2023-12-04

【Lansheng Technology News】Recently, DB HiTek, a major Korean foundry, hired a power semiconductor expert fromON Semiconductor.

Recently, there has been constant news about Eastern Hi-tech's efforts to increase R&D and production of SiC and GaN. From announcing its entry into this field, purchasing core equipment, and introducing relevant talents, we can see its determination to enter the third-generation semiconductor field.

Dongbu Hi-Tech is not the only Korean company that wants to flex its muscles in the third-generation semiconductor field.Samsunghas also previously accelerated its third-generation semiconductor foundry business by purchasing SiC/GaN equipment and hiring external experts with rich experience.

According to TrendForce consulting data, the top five market shares of major SiC power semiconductor manufacturers in 2022 areSTMicroelectronics(36.5%), Infineon (17.9%), Wolfspeed (16.3%), and ON Semiconductor (11.6%) ), ROHM (8.1%), and the remaining manufacturers accounted for only 9.6%.

Against this background, in recent years, the Korean government has attached great importance to the development of the third-generation semiconductor industry and formulated a series of policies and plans to promote industrial innovation. For example, the South Korean government plans to invest billions of dollars in the semiconductor industry over the next few years to support research and development and expand production capacity.

Nowadays, many Korean companies have realized the huge market for third-generation semiconductors and have begun to intend to strengthen the construction and upgrading of the SiC/GaN industry. Major Korean semiconductor companies, such as Samsung and LX Semicon, are actively investing in third-generation semiconductor technology. These companies not only invest heavily in research and development, but also seek cooperation and acquisitions globally to accelerate technological progress and market expansion.

In addition, South Korea also has internationally renowned car companies such as Hyundai, Kia, and General Motors. As the world's cars develop toward electric cars, the third-generation automotive power semiconductors represented by SiC have broad room for development.

In addition to Dongbu Hi-tech and Samsung, there are also some Korean companies related to the third-generation semiconductor industry that have a certain international reputation: SK Siltron and Scenic, which produce substrates; STI, which manufactures SiC crystal growth equipment; and TRinno Technology, which produces power devices. Yes Power Technics (now renamed "SK Powertech").

Korean companies have recently continued to increase their investment in the field of SiC/GaN power semiconductors, hoping to get a share of the third-generation semiconductor market. However, it will take time to verify whether these companies can have a place in the international market with many strong players.

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