STMicroelectronics showcases rapidly deployable smart grid and mobile IoT connectivity innovations at Enlit

Industry News 2023-12-05

【Lansheng Technology News】On December 4, 2023, STMicroelectronics demonstrated the company’s multi-purpose smart infrastructure digitalization and green and low-carbon technology research and development results at the recent Enlit European Power Energy Show, including smart grid chipsets and telecom operations that recently passed industry certification Mobile IoT service access products approved by suppliers.

STMicroelectronics’ smart grid chipset is the industry’s first solution certified by the PRIME 1.4 Hybrid specification. This widely recognized technical specification integrates the best of wired and wireless communication connection technologies to enhance the robustness and flexibility of communication connections. , achieving optimal network coverage and design modularity.

The chipset includes STMicroelectronics’ ST8500 power line communications (PLC) system chip, STLD1 line driver and S2-LP ultra-low power RF transceiver. It integrates both power line and wireless connection technologies to ensure robust, reliable and flexible communication connections. . The S2-LP radio frequency chip is capable of long-distance communication using frequency bands less than 1GHz, and supports two license-free radio frequency bands, ISM and SRD. The programmable function of the ST8500 system chip can realize software-defined communication and can support various power line communication protocol stacks and global radio frequency band hybrid radio frequency protocol stacks such as CENELEC and FCC.

The ST8500 system-on-chip platform is widely used in smart meters, smart industries and infrastructure. In addition, STMicroelectronics' hardware and firmware solutions are used by third-party certification laboratory TECNALIA to develop the agency's official PRIME Hybrid certification test tool.

To help developers develop smart meters and other systems using the chipset, STMicroelectronics is also offering a new multi-standard PLC and RF dual-mode communications evaluation kit, the EVLKST8500GH-2. The kit contains an ST8500 PLC module, S2-LP RF expansion board, STM32 Nucleo microcontroller (MCU) development board, and a base board that acts as a carrier and provides additional functionality. The kit is compatible with other X-NUCLEO application expansion boards and comes with the STSW-ST8500GH-2 software framework and documentation to help developers start project development quickly and easily.

Another solution demonstrated by STMicroelectronics at the Enlit European Power Energy Show is the ST87M01 series of IoT industrial modules. The module complies with the 3GPP Release 15 standard and is completely based on STMicroelectronics’ embedded chipset, and is used to connect IoT products to large-scale deployment of mobile IoT infrastructure.

STMicroelectronics recently announced that the access test of this module with Vodafone Mobile IoT covering the entire Europe was successfully concluded.

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